National View: The truth about GMOs, labeling and food

“The Vermont bill, which is mirrored by efforts in other states across the nation, does not enhance consumer understanding and actually undermines protections provided by the significant regulations already on the books to ensure consumers are accurately informed about the food they are eating.”

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Are Pesticides Linked To Autism? Here Are 3 Big Concerns About A New Paper

“If you haven’t yet read that mothers who lived near farms have more kids with autism, you will. The reason, it is said, is because farms use pesticides. You’re not off the hook, organic farmers. The results are from California and there are lots and lots of organic pesticides in use in the study area.”

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Profile of Gilles-Eric Seralini, Author of Republished Retracted GMO Corn Rat Story

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U.K. Farmers Say Food Output Cut as EU Bans Pesticides: Farmers blame over-regulation for drop in production

“When leading scientists are warning that within a generation the world could be facing a perfect storm of food shortages, this is not the time to be taking away the tools our farmers need to produce disease free, high yielding crops,” said Guy Smith, vice president of the National Farmers’ Union in the UK.

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The Price of Your Right to Know: Calculating the hidden costs of genetically modified food labels

With more than 90 percent of Americans supporting mandatory labeling for GMO foods, governments at the state and federal level are moving toward making it a reality. However, a report found that mandatory GMO labeling “would have a substantial impact on consumers” and “would make that food more expensive.”

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Hawaii Dept of Health Study Finds Low Levels of Pesticides in Streams

“Despite growing public concern about pesticide use in Hawaii, a new study by the state Department of Health found very small amounts of pesticides in streams on Oahu, Kauai, Maui and the Big Island.”

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Genetically Modified Foods Confuse Consumers

“The food industry and companies that genetically engineer seeds have pushed back against the labeling laws, saying GMOs are safe and labels would be misleading.” Take a look at this article’s facts about genetically modified foods.


Lihue Walmart Evacuation Not Linked to Pesticides

Kauai authorities make an arrest in connection with the evacuation of the Lihue Walmart on March 30, 2014 due to a noxious odor that sickened numerous people.  Authorities confirm that a man opened a can of mace near the entrance, causing the incident.  Some had speculated that the odor was caused by pesticides from nearby fields, but as this proves, that conjecture was absolutely false.

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Evidence Apparently Irrelevant for Don Huber and the GMO Moratorium Drive

Great commentary in Maui Weekly on Don Huber’s unsubstantiated claims at the recent GMO Moratorium Drive.

Anti-Science Environmentalists Ban ‘Neonic’ Insecticides, Imperiling Global Health

Forbes article on the dangers of doing away with pesticides. Read the full article here: