Lihue Walmart Evacuation Not Linked to Pesticides

Kauai authorities make an arrest in connection with the evacuation of the Lihue Walmart on March 30, 2014 due to a noxious odor that sickened numerous people.  Authorities confirm that a man opened a can of mace near the entrance, causing the incident.  Some had speculated that the odor was caused by pesticides from nearby fields, but as this proves, that conjecture was absolutely false.

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Evidence Apparently Irrelevant for Don Huber and the GMO Moratorium Drive

Great commentary in Maui Weekly on Don Huber’s unsubstantiated claims at the recent GMO Moratorium Drive.

Anti-Science Environmentalists Ban ‘Neonic’ Insecticides, Imperiling Global Health

Forbes article on the dangers of doing away with pesticides. Read the full article here:

GMOs: Point and Conterpoint

Editorial that looks at both sides of the divide over GMOs.

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Farmers are growing more biotech crops than ever, report reveals

18 million farmers in 27 countries used GMO crops are using GMO crops, so obviously it is a mainstream industry.

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The organic food lie

A commentary on why organic is not necessarily better, but how anti-GMO forces have been able to convince people that it is.

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Flash in the Pan: Common Ground on GMOs

This commentary refers to the series of articles for the Grist website written by Nathanael Johnson, which debunked many of the fears expressed by anti-GMO activists.

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Scientific journal retracts article claiming a link between biotech corn and poor health in rats

After a series of peer reviews and letters to the editor accusing the author of fraud, the Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal retracted the November 2012 article, “Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize.”

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Cannot ignore benefits of GMO crops, says “Venki” Ramakrishnan

An Indian Nobel Laureate criticizes opponents of GMOs

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7 Scientific Scandals of 2013: From A Retracted GMO Study To A Science Publishing Sting Operation

A look at the discredited scientific study that purported to show a link between GMOs and tumors in rats

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